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Your Own True Self


Fall into the gentleness of your own true self this morning.
Release any anxiety or tension.
Allow your beautiful hidden self to come forward.
Invite your hidden self to come to the surface of your being.

Gently lay down all your fears at the Feet of the Universal Mother.
Ask Her to guide you to the depth of love swimming in your heart.
No matter what you have done, the Mother will never throw you out of Her heart.

She will always show you the path that you must treasure, the path of compassion and service.
With compassion, you strengthen your Soul.
Know that you are loved as you are this very moment.
Let the love flow from your heart into the Universe.

Every day is the day of the Mother, and every day She wants to hold you.
You are never alone.
The Mother hears every word and every thought and can distinguish the difference between your thoughts and the shadow thoughts of the ego.
I pray that you will understand the difference between the two thoughts.
You have the strength to give up and burn the ego thoughts and reside in the heart of the Mother, deep inside your chest.
You can remove yourself from judgment of others and yourself.

I love you with all my heart
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


2 Responses

  • Hanuman Das says:

    Thank You Ma, Thank You. Namaste.

  • Barbra says:

    I am eternally looking inside myself to cradle all the world of my existence; my son, my daughter, my friends, my loves,and all the children and elders that cross my path in music, love and bliss.
    Thank You for listening. Nameste
    I love–