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Your Own Beauty


Begin to trust in the beauty of your own Essence.
If you trusted in the beauty of your own Essence, you would take so much pressure away from your heart.
There is so little to be done in life except to be.
Your inner beauty is something you do not own or posses; it is the heart of the temple of your Being.
If you do not believe it is there, you can never reach it.
You must believe in your inner beauty.
Embrace it.
You did not invent it or create it; it is a beautiful gift created and offered to you.
Begin to become aware of your beauty.
It is your Divine inheritance.
You can never lose it.
You can only ignore it.

One of the great loneliness of this world is that you are filled with the fear of rejection. In every one of us there are ripples of hurt that constantly beat against our hearts. The irony of this is that through the hurt you can grow to that space of divine detachment. Most of the time, as you feel the pain, you can endure it; yet often as you look back you can see that something precious has surfaced through the pain.

Become the master of your own emptiness, and you will find that you can also become the harvester of your own beauty.
The heart of all beauty is your individual flowering.
Individuality is the masterpiece of the divine artist.
True freedom is your oneness of your soul; it is the merge of the individual soul to the Universal Soul.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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