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Your Intuitive Voice


You all hear your intuitive voice speaking at one time or another; now it is time to act upon the words.
Place your hands together, and acknowledge your spirituality.
Place your hands on your heart space and then on your third eye, and activate your intuitive intuition.
Release the love that loves everyone, especially yourself.
Behold yourself as your sacred Soul.
You already are and always will be.

Welcome your intuition as the Beloved of your Soul.
Free yourself from the ego’s pull.
Intuition is not just spiritual; it is part of your body.
Reading these words will connect you to yourself.

Write in your journal your feelings about your own intuition.
Your Soul is longing to touch the Earth with your Sacred Feet.
Touch your God’s heart with your heart’s touch.
There is nothing like it.
Write about it; let your hands write it in your journal.
Begin to have total acceptance of your earthly body and your Soul body.
When you can consider your body the waiting temple of your Divine Beloved, then you learn to love the physical body that Earth Mother has given you.
Breathe in the joy and  acceptance of the human body.
Breathe out acceptance.
After doing this for five minutes, open your eyes and keep the stillness.
Look up at any one thing; in other words, you can say to yourself, “My eyes fall  upon a candle, and I am connected to this candle.”
Breathe in and out.

Look at something else, perhaps an open window, and say to yourself, “My eyes fall upon this window; I am connected to this window and all I can see out of it.”
Keep doing this for a few minutes feeling your connection to Mother Earth and all Her many gifts.
Then just sit in the wonderment of you.
Now you have exercised your intuitive heart, and it has expanded.
You have the power to receive all the love in the Universe by simply tuning in to the Universe.
Focus on your own love Nature.
Accept your intuitive heart.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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