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Your Beloved is Always with You


The greatest ecstasy you can find in the human body is becoming one with the Beloved.
This can occur when you least expect it, mostly during meditation.
The body partakes of the feast of the soul.
The Soul pervades the body with the sensation of the breath coming in and out.
This is merging love into love.
The inner relationship between Soul and the body can bring a great peace to the body.

When we are self-indulged with serving our body with food and drugs and such, we forget about the Soul and fall into the ego’s trap.
No matter who your Beloved is, just think on your Beloved and feel your heart open – especially when you yearn to be held by your Beloved.

The shimmering veil of the ego can try to tell you to let go of your love for your Beloved so it does not hurt as much.
This is about when you forget that the Christ or the Mother or Hanuman or any Divine Being is always with you.
You begin to want immediate self-satisfaction, and you get in trouble with drugs and drink
This is when a very real battle rages within you – and your love for your Beloved always wins.

You will find that the teachings of your Beloveds are always flowing in your veins and in your blood.

I love you,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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