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You wrote “karma enters into human life at birth and the universal laws of order seep down from the great sky of consciousness to enter the human body and bind us to them.” What binds us to them? Is it the body? I hear in here “who am I?” What binds us and what frees us?

The tantric part of the yoga I teach includes the body, the mind, and the soul. The body is something that reacts to the karma it has had in previous lives. The soul is perfect, but any negative karma that surrounds it will turn into a hard crust. As a baby is being birthed it only has the softness and the beauty of being in the mother’s womb. When it takes its first breath, all karma that it has had before comes flying back. But you see, an infant only lives in the moment. As that infant lives in the moment there is no karma whatsoever. It is when the child begins to grow up that he sees negative or positive. “Shall I have a tantrum now?” The child actually thinks that. Most tantrums come when a child is spoiled or wants something, but yet there is the tantrum of one who is starving or cold. So it all has to do with knowing you are connected to the vibrations of the universe and that these vibrations are always with you. We start off having to have someone take care of us. If we want to end up in a great space at death, then we have to learn to take care of others.


Ma Jaya


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