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You Are Your Beloved


What would you do if you knew that your Beloved is always with you?
Would you change how you do things in your life?
Your Beloved lives in the mystic cave that we all have in the deepest part of the chest.
Your Beloved will show you how to use your intuition, if you are quiet enough to listen.
Sing of your Beloved’s praises
Find your tears of joy.
Dance before your Beloved.
Bathe in the nectar of your Beloved’s bliss.
In serene meditation you can feel your Beloved’s breath in your heart.
Your Beloved will bring you golden silence when you call Her name.

You discover that you are He.
You are She.
You are your Beloved.
The merge happens every moment of your life.
Having felt your Beloved, all is felt.
The heavens open, and the light of the sun warms you.
The glory of your Beloved surges in the rivers, lakes, and seas.
Behold your Beloved everywhere, every minute of your day, shining in your heart.
Your Beloved is showering His or Her grace upon you.
Your Beloved brings you the gift of wisdom.
Be quiet in your Being, and your Beloved will become known.
You are never alone.

Your Beloved breathes with you.
Your Beloved loves you so very much.
Love is always with you.
This night and every day, spread this love by being in your heart.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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