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You Are the Self


It feels that we are the great freedom of the racing winds.
The Universal Mother is the light that shines in the Sun and the Moon.

You all are the Self, beyond the senses and the mind.
You are free from all limitations.
You are free of the ego-thoughts that the ego sends to the human mind.
The heart of your Beloved is beyond all religions and philosophies.

You are that which is that.
You are the light of the Mother’s luminous orb of love for you.
It is quite simple.
Just think of the Mother loving you; open your heart, or allow her to open it for you.
You are the Mother’s child.
Revel in this glory of the Mother loving you.
Let yourself merge in the Mother always.
You are her breath, and she is yours.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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