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Did you ever feel that the Soul is longing to return from whence it has come?
It is feeling of absolute yearning.
This yearning can open your heart like nothing else.
This yearning can call the Gods and Goddesses into your sight.
This yearning is so great that you forget to be afraid; you fear not the vibrations of the Mother, thus letting Her enter your Being without resistance.

This love wants to be known by God
The yearning is a process.
The yearning is a work of love.
The yearning teaches you to live the oneness of love.
The beloved of the Mother swims in the sea of humanity.
Sometimes you get so close you can taste it.
This is true of the beloved of the Mother.
It echoes from heart to heart.
It is invisible, yet it can be seen by the heart.
Sit and feel; you are in the presence of the Mother.
Her energy takes us where we have to go.
The fragrance of the Mother is like an invisible step.
You grasp the scent, yet you do not see it.
And you can, if you yearn for it.
Pray to be able to feel the Mother more and more.
Prayer is the yearning of a sincere heart.
Pray for spiritual upliftment, grace, and self realization.
Ask the Mother this moment to help you to surrender to Her Divine Will.

Be the flute in Krishna’s hand.
This is the secret of success and enrichment in life.
No lover has ever felt this closeness: heart merging into heart, love seeking love.
Baba has always told me to prepare you for the spiritual Cosmic Source to make itself known.
If you yearn for the Cosmic Source to glow within you and manifest, you will be prepared for this ecstasy to unfold within your whole being.
Keep yearning, especially when you sit in meditation.
You are a very special being to the Mother.
She wants nothing but your happiness.
She can taste it.
She will never stop until you are one with your Beloved.
I love you all.


Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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