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Yama, God of Death


It is time that I spoke and taught of Yama, God of Death.
I have taught on how to welcome Him into your life with open arms and hearts, how you allow Him to drop into the loop of life and how to share life with HIm.

I have told you about my Lord, who whispers in the ears of Devotees the sweet mantra, “Ram Ram.”
Are the dreams of death sweet or ghastly, calm or frightful?
Is life just a dream of death?
Is death just a dream of life?

I ask you in the simplest of ways.
My hands are in pranam and my heart is smiling away beneath the setting sun from too much love of living and from hope and fear that sets us free we swim in Death’s Sister’s Essence.

Yamanata, Yamanata, Yamanata.
I hear you, my love, as you are part of life.
The joy in loaning us breath and the taking it back stands ahead of all that was done for humans in the past and in the moment.
The stars are making a path, and all the angels are bowing together.
What a pretty sight for the human eyes!
Whatever Gods and Goddesses may do, it is this moment with love unseen that will be remembered always.

My love keeps me still in the moment of stillness, quiet in the moment of quiet.
Goodness holds me close to you in your arms, Death.
I cannot make out what you are whispering in the night.
So handsome behind the Light of life – I bow and bow.
The rivers flow and flow.
My heart beats faster and faster inside the cave of my heart.
And so I begin to teach, to share, and to bring you understanding.

First doubting, my chelas now know the truth that they are part of death.
Yama, your Essence has never been born and cannot die.

Let us pray.
Let us play.
Let us laugh.
Let  us cry.
Death was never born, and therefore not soon to die.
He lacks nothing, He has everything one could want.

I love you so very much.
Ma Jaya


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