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Wisdom of the Self


The senses are instruments of perception.
Thought waves that are identified as being from the ego can be placed to rest.
The true self can then come forth.

Bursting with the wisdom of the Self, you can stop your ego from taking any more of the senses and bringing pain.
If you are aware, there are never any ‘down’ moments.

The Mother Herself takes it moment by moment.
She teaches us that from nothing comes nothing, yet there is nothing that does not come from something.
Before a cloud becomes a cloud, it was water flowing as a river.
We are all something filled with a love that we can share with others.
We are all everything.
We have been all creatures and humans.
Take refuge in the Universal Mother, and feel peace of God and Goddess.

There are two lines in the scriptures that I love:
“If it exists, then one speck of dust exists.
If it doesn’t exist then the whole cosmos doesn’t.”

You are so much more than the ego has you think.
Know this, and be free.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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