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Wisdom of Intuition


When you receive wisdom from your own intuition, you have the unique sense that you are dependent upon your true self. You arrive at the point of self-revelation as your instinct is tuned up. The ego clouds your intuition by bringing you thoughts of unworthiness.

As you conquer the domain of your conscious mind, you begin to pick up pieces of falseness coming from your ego, or your lower mind. The ego creates its own world for you to live in.
Vigilance in meditation brings the fastest results to understanding your own intuition. You learn in spiritual practice to let the light of spirituality enter into your consciousness and show you your beautiful intuition.

The light reveals its source, and that source is the Formless God, which is beyond time and space. The world is an amazing tangle of different paths or ways. Spirituality belongs to all ways. You cannot confine the range of your enlightenment – the Universal Mother will not let you. Seek joy in your own heart of being, and bring this joy to others.

This is my Puja and this is my Prayer.
I love you all so very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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