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Visit Kashi’s Sacred Land


Walk to the well of the sweetest water you have ever tasted.
Turn as the Earth and the moon turn, going round and round with hearts filled with love.
The blood of Mother Earth will turn to sweet wine and make sweet our hearts.
The goodness of creation is in your hands.

We are opening our Ashram to those who wish to learn, to be and to help others be in their hearts.
We will grab at our hearts and let everyone see our hearts’ tears fall to the ground.

Come and visit Kashi’s Sacred Land.
Come and see BY THE RIVER; see how our elders live in our affordable apartments.
They are so thrilled to be living together on our grounds, laughing and smiling, and living well.

People are coming Home to build their homes on our Sacred Kashi.
I cry with tears of gratitude.
We are all together, walking in Kashi’s sun and beneath Kashi’s moon.
There are no rules to worship.
Be free.
There are so many years ahead to celebrate our life on our different paths, never to be afraid or alone again.
There is nothing to fear in life as you spend it with your Beloved.

Ma Jaya


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