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Vibrations of Creation


Human consciousness is always aligned with the vibrations of creation.
We can influence our own vibrations by deliberate thoughts when we know this.
We can participate directly with the Universe when we have harmony with the world we live in.

We can reach the deeper purposes of our lives by being aware of our divine Oneness.
The third chakra is the chakra of divine perception and Oneness.
Our hearts need to be open to life as it would be open to our God.

Once the spiritual heart is open, you will find easy access to the third chakra and deeper perception.
Being aware of the open heart is being aware of the breath; the two go together, and prana is the connection.
Turning your attention toward the heart becoming open is a journey in itself.

You can learn how to use your inner energy or internal Shakti to live fully and joyfully.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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