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Using the Law of Love


When you meditate you begin to become aware of all the subtle energy around you.
These energies can guide you through life as soon as you know how to read them.
You will be able to feel what is ahead of you.
When the energy seems frantic, you begin to calm yourself with the breath.

You are always one step in front of the ego instead of the ego looming ahead of you, pushing you back into chaos.
You also will have more energy, and you will not feel left out of life so much.

The inner you can feel the powers within you.
Remember the Universal law is always waiting for orders from you.
All that you want in your life can happen for you.
So many are taught in childhood that they are not worthy to receive good things in life.
Infinite power is very powerful, and you are all worthy of a beautiful life.
Create for yourself a path of understanding of others, and watch your life change.

Using the living spirit within you to go toward goodness has you karmically in the moment.
By using the law of love, you can feel the power of love and spread it around.
When you serve others, you go within yourself and you can see clearly what your next move should be.
Kindness always keeps your heart open and in the moment.

We all can help others to achieve the sweetness of death by knowing ourselves that life does not really end at death.
I have had the privilege of being present at the deathbed of so many.
All of life cannot be said in the few hours or days.
This is when kindness enters, on the wings of angels coming through the door of air.
Your Soul is the true embrace of life.
Your Soul is totally perfect; you only have to slow down and watch your breath.
The Soul has always a perfect picture of death.
The beauty of the whole Universe is in the Soul.
The journey through death is protected by the way of the Soul.

One can look into the eyes of the dying and see such beauty there.
Birth and death are siblings; they are two different sides of one act.
People can feel that they are getting close to the eternal house or eternal life at the time of death.
In meditation, your Beloved is always there, walking hand in hand with your Soul.
I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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