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Unravel Your Own Beauty


When your thought is in harmony with your creative infinite mind, you are starting to become One with all.
You cannot chose whom you are One with; you are part of Mother Nature’s cycle.
Your heart opens wide as the next thought flows in.
You can choose to receive it or not receive it.

Saying the name of God can take up the room that the thought would occupy.
You are filled with strength, courage, and love that can guide you through any negative thoughts.
You have the power to reject any negative thought by repeating the name of whatever aspect of the Divine that is dear to your heart.
Yet you must understand that you do not have to wait for a negative thought to invade your mind; you can always be in that space of your God’s name.

You are, yourself, the object of your search.
You are, yourself, the deep quest of your life.
You are, yourself, the goal of all efforts.
Yet most of all you are the bliss beyond all strife.
Lift yourself by yourself, and discover your essential Self.
You can unravel your own beauty.
Find your freedom in these words.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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