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Unlimited Shakti


All of you have unlimited shakti within you; it is your part in your life to find it and use it for good.
Your Teacher’s part is to lead you to your own power and show you how to use it to bring you closer to the Universal Mother.
There is just one kind of energy in this life.
If you have harmed others, you have depleted your energy.
If you carry anger around you all day, this too will deplete you.

This lifetime is yours, and we all must learn to take responsibility for it.
You are not expected to take responsibility for others, yet you are expected to help others as you would want others to help you.
Use your shakti to discover how big your heart truly is.

Make a list of all things you want for yourself and for others.
Read your list over and over, and take out what you truly do not want.
When you finally have found the right list, read it in the morning, afternoon, and night.
Pretend you already have the things you want, and keep wide open to receive your gifts from the Universe.
Realize that the Universe will deliver everything you want if you believe.
The lower mind does not understand the Universe and cannot understand the gifts that it can give you.

Watch your thoughts and say, “It is just a thought; it cannot hurt me.”
If doubt creeps in, do not worry about it.
Know it is just your ego.
Know that your inner force is powerful, and it will open you to the Universal Mother.
I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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