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Universal Mother


There is nothing that you cannot accomplish when you call on the Universal Mother.
When you live in the Mother’s light, there is nothing that you cannot do.
It is the Mother who cries out, “Call on me, and I shall enter the space of your spiritual heart.”

This is an intimate Journey through your spiritual heart.
The power of possibility is released in your heart when you sincerely call on She who believes in you.
You are never alone on this journey called life, as well as the journey called death that will bring you into life once again.

The Mother wants you to feel your power.
The Mother wants you to know that She loves to bless you.
Open your heart and truly feel, and do not be afraid; She supports you and will shine over every area of your life.
Do you commit your spiritual heart to the joy of the Mother?
She knows of your anger and your dark thoughts that come and go.
She still puts out Her hand and pulls you toward Her.

The Mother touches you as you sit in Her stillness; She touches you deeply, each and every moment
When you have hard and difficult thoughts of the existence of the Mother, She will still love you unconditionally.
She will help you to come out of the darkness and lead you into the Light.
Once you can trust the Mother’s Grace, you live in it; swim in it, and your heart will sing.

The Mother has the golden moments that She has saved for you and is ready to give you the way to tap into your Higher Consciousness.
She brings you into the process of the waves of the Mother’s ecstasy.
When you bring your needs to the Mother, She will bring you Her fullness.
She stays with you as you ride the waves of love, washing your soul and allowing your heart to open wide.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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