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Understanding Shakti


Understanding Shakti is the first step to understanding life.
The Tantric Teachings of Shakti is the primal and fundamental life energy.
This energy sustains our health and brings more energy, which brings us the will to fight for freedom.
You can find yourself on the steps to Liberation.
I ask you all to think of what you must do to find happiness in this world
And when you find the right words write them down in your journal and add to it often.
You will find that so many answers are inside you.

The Grace of Shakti is handed down from your Beloved.
The ecstasy comes from knowing this.
You and your Beloved are the same.
All are children of the Mother’s Shakti.

She will make Herself known.
She will watch over you and care for you.
Feel Her now.
She is yours, and you are Hers.
Nothing can come between you; although the ego tries, it can never succeed.
You are too filled with the Power of Shakti.
Sit quietly, and feel the presence of your Beloved.
This is following your bliss.

I love you with all my heart.
Ma Jaya


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