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Understand Your Purpose


When you are comfortable within yourself, you can begin to use the Mother’s Shakti in a new and different way.
You can begin to understand your purpose in life.
Perhaps you have the ability to nourish others.
When you become comfortable with yourself, you are able to set goals.
These are goals that set a little space from where you are now.
Setting smaller goals allows you to have many successes; this helps you not to give up on yourself so fast.

The material forms of life were once a thought form – perhaps your thought form.
As you begin to see the manifestations of your dreams, you get a very clear conception of what you want.
But beyond all this, you must clear yourself out.
Try to be true to yourself by getting rid of that which you do not need.
Create for yourself a quiet sanctuary where you can pray or read.
Begin to understand your own sweetness and beauty.
Feel how safe and protected you are.
You have the power within you to meditate whenever you feel the need.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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