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Unconditional Love


The most important obstacles to peace and love in the heart are the feelings of fear depression grief, discouragement, unworthiness and attachment.
Yet all these things can be gone when you begin to understand that your Beloved has unconditional love for you.
Even the thought that you can be unconditionally loved starts to remove of all of your obstacles.
Unconditional love brings you a new trust in yourself.
Once you trust yourself, you begin to trust others.
So many thoughts arise out of ego-thought.
Yet the feelings that you are loved and loved deeply stop the ego’s thoughts before they even start.
You are the boundless ocean of joy.
You are the immortal self.
You are definitely not this limited personality.
You are the grand architect of your destiny.
You can find great joy in your life.
Be dynamic in your love for your Beloved.
It only takes practice.
I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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