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Truth is a recognized entity.
When you are aware, truth presents itself to that awareness.
Truth presents itself when obstacles are removed.

The Mother helps you recognize the love that flows constantly from the Formless to you, and that you are always in the light and the arms of the Mother.
Some get afraid as they come closer, and they and begin to run or sabotage themselves.

Then there is the dry thirst that only the soul can drench.
Meditation, concentration and relaxation are what the Universal Mother teaches you.
It is all accumulated Shakti that runs through you from lifetime to lifetime.

It is the ego mind that brings dullness and lack of clarity.
Learning of unconditional love brings days of lightness.
The love that God has for you runs deeper than any ocean and higher than any sky.
When thoughts rise and linger in your consciousness, know that they do not last and that you are not your thoughts.
This is the secret of the shallow ego mind.
It does not last long.
And it cannot hurt you if you do not want it to.

I love you with all my heart.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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