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Trusting Yourself

From a darshan with Ma Jaya, September 25, 2008

Namaste my chelas,

One of the greatest gifts I can give you is the ability to trust yourself.
It is the Shakti of worthiness that dispels darkness, the darkness that has you clinging to your old habits.
As the ego surrenders to your trusting the Universe and yourself, you can observe a light shining through all your doubts.
Each of us has male and female energies within us.
Trusting yourselves opens all the channels to both energies.
Paying conscious awareness to the Female Energy has you all becoming the Mother.
Whether you are man or woman, it is the Female Energy that creates trusting and intuition.

Action taken by each of your energies with awareness is the basis for all creation.
Be aware of your movements in order to become creative in your life and to open the door to your Higher Intelligence.
The female and male aspects are together shown in the one of the many forms of Lord  Shiva.
His left side is the feminine and the right side the masculine.
In meditation, both are merged into each other.
The Ancient Mother of the heart watches as Her children use both energies.
The ego keeps you avoiding either your male or female aspect, thus keeping you off balance.
Both aspects meet in the center of the heart, the center of your chest.
Living in a state of consciousness of love keeps you balanced, no matter what life throws at you.
The ego’s consciousness is cloudy and keeps you out of your heart.
The ego also keeps you in a state of procrastination.
Being in the center of your chest brings energy to your being in the now, thus stopping procrastination.

The Mother brings you into the energy of being.
This helps you create a newness in your Shakti that brings you awareness.
The Mother also brings you more enjoyment when you are being aware.
Take a deep breath this moment, and then exhale slowly, saying to yourself, “Relax.”
Do this for 11 breaths.

You are now at a deeper, healthier place in your life, simply by saying, “Relax.”
Believe it or not, so much can get done when you relax!
This is because you become at home with your two energies, male and female.
Keep breathing deeply and notice how your breath is filled with a loving energy, and it circulates to every cell of your body.
You are feeling safe and secure.
You begin to realize that you have access to this energy anytime you want.
Open yourself with each in-breath.
Allow yourself to absorb it.
Say to yourself, “I feel this loving energy flowing through me.”
Feel positive and confident with every in-breath.
Know that you are strong and powerful.
Go deeper and deeper with each in-breath.
Release yourself from preconceived thoughts.
Notice you can concentrate as you pay attention to your in-breath.
Be absorbed in your in-breath.

Now pay attention to your out-breath, only your out-breath.
Feel all tension leave your body.
Feel all darkness disappear out of your body.
Any negative thoughts that you ever had experienced leave on the out-breath.
Feel the freedom of watching your breath.

Now as each breath comes in, say in to yourself, “In.”
As each breath flows out, say “Out.”
Do this for as long as you are comfortable.
Then take a deep breath and notice how much more relaxed you are – how much more balanced you are.
Breathe out, and feel the freedom that observing your breath has brought you.
Feel your body flowing and glowing.
You have just awakened both your male and female energy.
Now you are ready to live in the moment.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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