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Trust in Your Beloved


This journey has been exceptional, and there is so much more to come.
Trust in your Beloved is trust in yourself; and if you do not trust yourself, you will find yourself running away from the growth that your Beloved wants so much for you.

Each person experiences something different from his or her Beloved.

You all receive a different energy, yet you all receive a deep and unconditional love that flows through you.
Where does trust of the Beloved begin?
Trust begins with a little trust that grows and grows.
This trust can grow by practicing what is given to you.

Begin by placing your trust in your Beloved.
You grow in meditation.
Your love begins to expand to having love for all beings.

There are three kinds of seekers: those who are asleep and want to be asleep; those who are serving; and those who are awake and want to be even more awake.
Your Beloved will do anything to take you deeper into yourself.

I will share with you all that my Guru, Neem Karoli Baba, shared with His Ma.
I never thought that this could be possible, yet this is happening even as I write these words.
Did you ever realize that you already know all these words?
I just have to remind you to listen to your own heart.
We will persevere on this journey of ours.
The heart knows the road, and the Soul is already there.
When you sit and feel the Formless, you catch a glimpse of what you have and will be able to give to others.

The stars in this early dawn twinkle merrily.
Bubbles of joy that burst into bliss can be felt in this early morn.
This is a path of bliss.
This is the path of light.
This is the path of peace.
This is the path of love.
This is also the path of pure Shakti, the path of success.

This is the path to God the father and God the Mother.
For this path that we journey together is also the path of self realization.
And so the flowers smile this early dawn, and the birds get ready to sing.
I throw you all into the lake of Baba’s heart, giving rise to ever-growing circles of love.

Our hearts burst into blissful waves of beauty that break into the Ocean of Light that you are all blessed with.
I intend to tell your hearts of this love, and you yourself shall hand it down to the next generation.

I am one excited Mother, ready to serve my children.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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