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Trust and Love


Insecure people often perceive that so many others are mistreating them.
When someone has a different opinion, you begin to think that they do not like you.
This keeps you afraid of getting close to anyone.
Your reaction system is totally out of balance.
By knowing deep in your heart that your Beloved is always with you, your reaction is so different.
You begin to believe in yourself and in others.

You can be open to anything that your Beloved wants to reveal to you about yourself.
Let your intuition take the lead in your life, and you will always feel your heart is open.
Intuition cannot work if you have a closed, tight heart.
As you stay open to your Beloved, you will receive the desire to be silent as She teaches you to listen.
Once your heart is open, your life takes on a different pace.
You are more trusting and more loving.
This moment you can hear the Mother speak through vibration.
We are all made of vibrations, and when we are in our hearts we can be aligned with the Universe.

You can ask in your heart to be able to know your Beloved.
It is all about being in your heart and feeling before you speak.
If you follow the path of love and service, eventually you will know your Beloved.
The victory that is the easiest to have over your ego is the victory of love.
You grow throughout your lifetime and never stop progressing.
Learn to enjoy each stage of life.
I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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