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Transcend Unhappiness

From a darshan with Ma 08-11-1999

When you begin to analyze your life and you begin to ask the question “Who am I,” you realize that you are not bound within the limits of a mind and the senses.  When you realize this, you transcend unhappiness.

Unhappiness is nothing but the perception of a certain limitation within your own being.
Go beyond yourselves, my chelas.
Feel the essence of your innermost spirit.
Feel the Guru in this place.

Ramana Maharshi is and was one of the greatest teachers of His time.
Our Baba and Our Swami had and have the greatest respect.
He is also one of your Guru-ji’s teachers.
“Why,” I asked this great man, “do you want so many to ask the question WHO AM I?

He answered me in this way:
“Some thoughts die from meditation.
Some thoughts die from japa.
Some thoughts die from karma yoga.
Yet all thoughts die from this wonderful inquiry.”

“Be a lion, Ma,” He said, “when you teach your children – and teach them to be of the lion lineage.
Let them ask from the depth of their souls who they are.”

I bowed my head and asked, “And what will the answer be, my teacher?”

“The answer will be different for all of them” He said.
“Some will hear the word God, others will hear the word love, and yet all who ask with the desire to truly know will hear the words, THE GURU’S CHILD.
Persistent effort will then come to the chelas who ride the lion of spirituality.
The greatest challenge one has in front of them at this time on the path is being quiet enough to hear the words, THE GURU’S CHILD.
Do not let human feelings get in the way of these words and keep you far apart from who you are.
These feelings are only attachments.
True feelings of love come from asking ‘Who am I.’
Truer feelings come from hearing the answer.”

When life brings you challenging eye openers, remember that you are the Guru’s child.
As you truly begin to ask “Who am I,” with the desire to know the answer, then all depressing moods will disappear.
Many negative thoughts may begin to come up as you say this wonderful mantra from this great man.
It is at that time you understand that you, the chelas of the Mother, were raised on the Mother’s milk of the lion and that you are brave enough to be the Guru’s child and smart enough to know it.

When the Guru talks to you, you must listen,
Even if the listening is painful.
When you sit at the feet of the Guru, you are sitting at the feet of one who loves God so much that she was willing to take flesh for the sake of God’s own children.

These are my pujas and these are my prayers.

I love you.
Love, Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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