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Time to Pray


Although you can make your own time to pray, you can be lying down, walking or doing any action.
It is also good to set a time each day to sit in meditation.
Try sitting down at a quiet time of day or night, and just be a witness to your own breath.
Early in the morning when you first awaken, or before every meal, would be a good time to open your heart in prayer and meditation.
Trying to calm your mind when you are going to sleep is also good.

When you are about to sleep, you can review your day and try to see what errors you have committed.
Did you hurt anyone?
Did you have anger?
Did you tell lies?
If so, ask the Mother for the strength to correct your errors.
When you see things in your life that you feel you cannot do anything about, pray and find out about unconditional love.

I love you.
Ma Jaya


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