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This Moment


Do you realize that this very moment is all we have to work with?
Yet we always get lost out of the moment and find it hard to find our way back.
What I mean by lost is that we momentarily lose touch with our essential selves when we leave the now for our yesterday or our so-called tomorrow.
The feelings that we had yesterday can no longer affect our bodies unless we let them.

We can only think about tomorrow’s feelings, thus making our bodies tired with our own thoughts.
If we are not careful with our thoughts, we may find ourselves unable to grow spiritually and mentally, thus bringing depression.
When we fall into the clouded moments of yesterday, we allow ourselves to stretch out those foggy moments and skip the beauty of the now.
We don’t let the present moment sink in long enough to feel the now.
We don’t see the present moment in its fullness.
We hope things will get better in our lives.

When you use your breath to acknowledge the present moment, you have a chance to look around and appreciate what you have.
Without being aware of your breath, you lose where you are and what you are thinking.
The ego jumps in and brings a personal fiction of who you are.
Mindlessness wastes so much of your time.
The opposite of mindlessness is mindfulness.
To find our way out of depression, we begin to cultivate the ability to understand the now.

Breathe deeply into your heart chakra in the middle of your chest. Hold the breath and notice the warmth spread around your chest – and then breathe out.
There you are in the moment.
It is as simple as that.
Through the breath and the awareness of it, you can find the reality of your own creation.
Meditation on the breath is simply about being yourself.
Your breath is simply a way to live your life with a greater life force.

You can learn to be aware of your life moment by moment and fill it with awareness.
I ask Mother Laxmi to bring you all the prosperity of living fully in the now, and to understand the mystical moment that the Mother has given you from Her heart.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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