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This is It


When you breathe in the moment, remind yourself that this is it.
Look at the beauty of feeling, being, and living in this moment, and know that all good things are on their way to you.
You can feel it in this moment

Look deeply into your present moment as you enjoy your breath, and feel the love that is in your heart.
In the spirit of generosity to yourself, say that you are open to all things that are coming from the Universe.
Remind yourself that the Universe is filled and is waiting for you in the present moment to ask what you want.
Ask Mother Laxmi to join you in the moment, for indeed She is here.
She is the Power of Shakti.

Be mindful of good feelings.
Mindfulness is an ancient practice.
Mindfulness opens a whole new world for you.
By watching your breath, you begin to realize that the Mother is the breath inside the breath.
She is everything of the moment.

You all have the ability to feel deeply in your heart.
It is as simple as that.
You all have a vast range of potential at your disposal.
You can feel the moment and know that future moments are also in the now.
You can learn and grow from being in the moment.

There is no limit to the abundance of loving kindness in your life.
It is an ongoing, ever expanding realization that we are all One with the Universe and the Universe is one with us.
These are not just words; these words are a reality beyond time and space.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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