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The Way of the Universe Breath


Your natural state is a state of God-intoxicated bliss.
You must understand this state, for with it you have to live your life.
The deliberate thought of fullness of the Universe can give you the ability to live fully in your everyday life.

Entering your breath by being aware of your breath, you enter the beginning of your journey into the Formless.
Breathing in to the count of seven through your third eye, holding it in the third eye for a count of seven, letting it out for the count of seven, and holding it out for the count of seven brings you to a place of entering your breath.

Doing this breath brings you to the way of the universe through your third eye.
Do five separate, full breaths; then sit quietly, allowing the light of the Universe to enter the top of your head, flowing straight through to the heart.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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