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The Universal Force


Watch how the Universe communicates with you.
Become aware of everything around you.
See how everything is energy.
The Universal Force flows in you always.
Become aware of it flowing.

So many of us are brought up to think that we must see everything in order to believe it.
Yet the power of the Universal Mother can be seen by all of our actions.
It is all in learning how to use this pure energy.
Feel how the Mother loves you.
This is a feeling that swims in your heart.

The Force of the Universe lives in you.
See the Force respond
The Universal Law is Love.
See this moment how much love you can hold.
Breathe in and out of your Spiritual heart in the center of your chest.

Be very aware, and do it now.
Think on how much the Mother loves you.
Breathe in one breath after another, and you will feel better.
Negativity will begin to melt away.

Feel this love; become this love.
I love you all,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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