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The Sun and The Breath


Each breath is new and exciting, if you are aware.
Each day is new and exciting, if you are aware.
There is an ancient teaching about the sun.
The sun comes up for all of us every day and disappears each night.
It lives only one day at a time.
If you watch the sun come up and give thanks for your life, you could change your perspective and change the way you act every day, in every way.
As you watch your breath coming in and out, you can feel how life runs through us.
To feel the breath is like seeing the sun rise and fall.
Each breath comes in one time and goes out one time.
It is not you trying to control or trying to get the breath do something.
This breath brings a sense of self – just this eternal moment.
All of a sudden we are simply just here.
It truly is so simple; it is just coming back to the life we have.
When you can sit for just 10 minutes, stress begins to dissolve.
I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram´╗┐


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