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The Strength of Love


There is a secret life deep within that longs to be found.
It is a form of you with much less ego.
It is a place that can help you heal your own wounds.
Every wound is different, but every wound can be healed by the meditation on the heart.
Strength comes from the love for the Universal Mother.
Strength comes out of the winter of pain.
Each shape of your wounds has a story, yet each wound can be healed the same way.
How much are you willing to give up so you can heal the wounded heart?

You do not need to live as a hermit.
Open yourself up to all the love around you.
When you live like this, you have no fear of death.
You begin to understand about the Light of Death.
You can see the flow of this light in life; and though it lights up your flaws, you learn to love them.
It can bring you down to spaces where you can learn from.
This is part of your mystical journey taken with the Mother.
Become familiar with your amazing spirit.
You must allow yourself to be who you are, knowing that the Mother loves you no matter what.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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