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The Strength of Awareness


The strength you all have is beyond anything you can imagine.
It is all about awareness of the ego and how to let go of what you do not need.
Your experience within yourself allows you to know yourself like never before.
You learn to understand the different personalities that you exhibit in your life and how you can recognize them before they have a chance to fully bloom.
It is always about awareness: your awareness in yourself and in others.
You can reach for a good-feeling thought that will bring you to the moment of the heart.
This does exist.
Your Beloved will show you how you can find it before it takes form.
You are the form it is looking for.

Your Beloved will stand between you and your ego.
See yourself with the object that you desire.
Walk toward it in your meditations.
Visualize what it is that you need.
Create Shakti that is flowing all around you.
The greatest form of anguish is fear, so eliminate the fear of fear itself.
It is ok to be afraid of fear until you see that you have caused your own fear to take over your life.

The more certain you are about being brave and filled with courage the more life you can live.
Win your freedom in the warm glow of your celestial light.
Most fear is not real.
Make fear your friend, and it will teach you how to conquer it with your higher mind and your heart filled with love.
Accommodate it as a friend, and soon it will become that.
It takes courage to face your fears, and you can do this.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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