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The Simple Breath of Being


This is just the simple breath of being.
Relax the body.
Relax the breath.
Feel the rising truth from the base of your spine.
The breath is going straight up the spine.
You find yourself sitting tall.
Bring your mind to the left, and then to the right, now to the center.
Keep breathing in and out, focusing in the heart center in the middle of your chest.
Then start to count.
Breathing in one
Breathing out one.
Breathing in two, breathing out two.
Feel the breath getting deeper and deeper.
Still focus in the heart center.
Feel your whole being expanding.
The breath takes longer to come in and longer to go out.
A smile touches the corner of your mouth.
The center of your being waits for the breath to fill the cavity and then to leave once again.
Take the breath to the throat.
Breathe in and out, remembering to count.
And if you forget, this is fine start all over.
There is never a beginning nor is there an ending.
Just freedom.
Focus your attention over the head, as you are breathing in and breathing out.

If you think you are getting lost, this is fine.
You cannot get lost.
You can just start again and again; nobody is judging you.
You are the freedom between the breaths
Taste it.
Drink it.
Be it.
Become it.
Now take the deepest breath you can take.

Fill up the chest.
Fill up your life.
Touch upon your death.
Can you feel your own joy?
This breath meditation has no beginning and no ending.
It cannot be done wrong, simply because it never has to be right.
No judgment.
No time.
Nothing at all.
Just freedom.
We are one.
We always were one.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya


One Response

  • Namaste, Ma:

    Thank you for this powerful exercise. And for being there on every breath! As they say, “The bird doesn’t think during the hunt… it hunts.” So too ought we follow that example and live in the moment of the breath, because it is the only moment there is!

    Much love and a grateful heart,

    your gurudas