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The Seeker’s Heart


The heart of the seeker is bigger than the Universe itself.
The center of the seeker is the center of the Universe.
You have to make any conceivable effort to reach the Higher Power inside of yourself.
Each morning you have to give thanks to where you are in the moment of now.

Sometimes in meditation you can get a glimpse of a light so great that you know that nothing will ever take you from the heart of your Beloved.
Little crevasses of light seem to be born of your own body when you think of your Beloved’s name.
Do not be afraid this day to be in love with your Beloved and with life itself.
Bring the warmth of life to your heart
This is a new morning, a new moment, a new day.
Love is the fire of the morning light and you are the wood.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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