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The Sacred Mist of Gratitude


I look over my Ganga this early morning and can feel the mist of gratitude over our Sacred River.
You may not be familiar with the expression, the mist of gratitude.
When there are so many students in one place loving their Beloved, there is a mist that lingers over waters that are considered Sacred – like our Ganga.
This mist comes from the heart of the seeker.
It is like leftover love that simply spreads out, no matter where you are.

The Universal Mother takes away all shadows of doubt and brings one into the Light of God.
The Mother recognizes you, regardless of how you may try to hide.
She brings forth your Light.
Every morning you are born again of the Sacred Mist of Gratitude.
This brings you freedom to try again and again.
Love is never bondage.
Love frees the bonds of ego.
Start this new day knowing for sure that your Beloved loves you very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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