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The Rhythm of Life


Simply talking to the Mother can comfort your heart like no other can.
Asking for advice in time of need from the Divine Mother cools the heat of anger in the heart.
Many seekers make the mistake of justifying bursts of anger as indignation.

There is light in all of us that is moist and cool.
This light opens the pale walls of a closed heart.
So many hunt for a sign from the Mother to show them that they are not alone.
Just the mere fact that you are even thinking of a sign shows the heart that you believe that there is one.

No one else has the rhythm of life that you have.
We are all the same yet we are all different.
The Mother loves us all.
You are whole.

Everything you are is one; and so you go on the journey of life, never without the Mother.
The daughters of the sky will rain love down upon you from morning to night.
The next time you look up at the sky, know that the daughters of the sky will look upon you.
You need never feel alone.

Shakti is in everything, and everything has a rhythm.
This rhythm is deep inside of you and me and everything that breathes.
Take a moment and listen.
Listen well; your own rhythm will speak to you.

I love you all so very much.

Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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