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The Rhythm of your Beloved


As you watch your breath this day, feel your whole body energizing.
You are being taken into the rhythm of your Beloved.
When you close your eyes, you can see the energy flowing inside you and all around you.
I want you all to prepare yourselves by noticing how aware you can become if you put your mind to it.
This is the higher mind.
This is the mind of the yogi – the Tantric yogi and yogini.

Rhythms appear and never disappear; you are being aligned with nature, simplicity and love.
Look toward the Universal Mother as Shakti and light.
This Light is going on and on; this is a very potent concept.
You do not go into your mind; you simply are, simply in the moment.
Begin to know and to truly understand who you are.

You are God and Goddess, and you must begin to understand this.
You are part of a greater picture, and you inherit all the goodness.
You internalize the beauty of you.
You are part of all energy; you just know this.
You have the energy that has come to you for thousands of years.
You become a more powerful being, a being of goodness.
Be open, and feel the energy of light that is yours – and I will teach you how to make this Shakti available to you.
You have to be able to feel the Mother’s excitement for all of you.
No one is left out.
This love embraces and protects you all.
This is the Force of God and Goddess.
Say over and over, “I am the Mother.”

Notice that you can become anything that you want to be.
The Universal Mother will help you.
You can begin to understand who you are this moment, in this moment.
It always is and always will be.
This is the miracle of unconditional love, and you all have it.
We all have within us an unlimited power, Shakti, and love – love is the greatest of all.
You are locked into the unlimited power and the pure energy of unconditional love.

There are those two words: Unconditional Love.
You were born to understand these words and to use these words and to feel the power within.

Feel this love.
Do not be afraid to feel.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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