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The Rhythm of the Mother


The rhythm of the Mother can be felt this very moment inside of your heart cave.
We all have within us a creative power, and we are learning to use it effectively.
Inside of you is great beauty.
This beauty comes from the heart of the Universal Mother.
The task of Mother and child is to dance together, honoring all of life and death.
There are no boundaries in this dance; there is only an avalanche of awareness.
What a great gift this awareness is!

Imagine if you had awareness all day of the beauty of the Mother.
This in itself is a miracle of the Mother.
She brings to you only spiritual growth and a great force of love.
The song of the dance is written in the deepest part of your inner self.
This is the dance of Mother, as She takes all the world’s karma into Her being.

It does not hurt Her; in fact, it soothes Her heart to know that She is dancing for Her children.
One could only imagine the grace and beauty of this dance.
In various stages of your completion, you end with this dance that urges you to go on and on, always in your heart.
Once you decide on living this spiritual life of beauty and strength, it is almost as if you are being taught by the Gods and Goddesses.
It is your attachment to your ego mind that keeps you in a place that feels like loss.
Yet if you open your heart to the rhythm of Kali Natha Yoga, the rhythm itself consumes the ego and you are made free this lifetime.
I am thrilled for all of you.

I guess this is how my Baba Neem Karoli felt for His Ma; pure happiness and bliss.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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