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The Quiet of Surrender



“How does one surrender to the Beloved in order to find answers to questions? Must it always be a matter of surrender?”


It is not to the Beloved that one surrenders; it is to your most intimate Higher Being that you bow.
It is all in you.
Your innate wisdom comes from the realm of your Higher Being.
In the quiet of surrender, you are being blessed with your own blessings

Not only do you have your questions answered in the simplest way; you also have the questions put in a way that you can understand them.
Your Beloved is not trying to test you or bring you to the lowest realm of thoughts; the Beloved tries to bring forth that which you already know.
The path that Kundalini travels always ends in the heart; the heart always teaches love, and love is the highest realm.
You learn about surrender, which is all about you to listening to the beauty of your Higher Self.
When you can hear yourself, and then learn to listen and watch the Divine, you will see Shiva dancing in your heart .

All of the heavens open their doors, and the Universe is filled with Divine melody.
You have discovered surrender, and it has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself!

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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