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The Purpose of Physical Existence


This blog of full prasad has gotten deeper, and you have the choice to let the heart open and the higher mind absorb.

Here is the first question of our new study and Darshan Line.

The first question is from Agni Ma:

Namaste Ma,

Will you please teach what the purpose of physical existence is, and what it means that the mind of the yogi is always having to achieve that purpose?

All my love, Your Agni Ma

Answer :

The purpose of physical existence is simply so the body can learn more on a higher realm each lifetime until one catches up to himself or herself and is ready to teach and share with others.

There is so much to go through and to accomplish before one is ready to be at this level.

All ego must be let go, even for a few moments.

Physical existence is the soul’s guide to learn and to teach more than ever before, making the one answering and the one asking find a soft way of learning and then trying.

One is always trying, always moving on with an open mind.

As the years go and the years come, you can find in yourself a great wisdom that you can latch onto.

You have no idea how excited I am to be able to gently push you toward your own heart’s soul.

Each moment is the beginning of a new journey.

If the mind does not always have to achieve, then it fails to grasp the newness of time as it passes our hearts.

When I say that the mind of the yogi always has to achieve the purpose of understanding, know that no time is wasted in the universe; there is always time to learn and understand.

The answers all build up into a book and statements that not only help you but help others to achieve the highest possible path of understanding.

You will find that you become more interested in your life and the lives of others.

Thus you begin to lead a different kind of life, a life of curiosity and joy.

I have chosen to always be honest with you all.

Yet the answer is deep inside of you.

After you send in to Ma any questions which are not personal, write in your journal your own answer and see how close or far you are away from the Mother’s answer.

Many times there will be more than one answer.

As soon as you begin to get the first answer, I will continue to move on with the next answer until you get it and are able to live it.

Your Ma is not saying that all the answers have to be 100% right, but I do say that they will be fuel to burn in the fire of learning and achieving.

Remember that this is the beginning of a whole new, yet ancient, practice.

You ask, and the Mother will answer as best as She can.

Soon you will find your own students asking you questions and you can refer to these answers in years to come.

These teachings are both ancient and new, and we are all learning.

I love you with all my heart, and I am just as excited as you are.

Remember to keep the questions simple and non-personal.

I am watching as you grow into the beauty of yourself.


Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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