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The Power of Love


There is inexhaustible will power in all of our hearts.

We all have the power to love and to love well.

Without the power of love we are all nothing.

With the power of love we are all roses in the Mother’s Garden.

The Self is the source of Shakti on every level of one’s being.

You all have the ability to love deeply and to love well.

Silence the mind and love with all your strength.

Discover the stream of Cosmic Love by being still and listening to your heart beat.

Say you Beloved’s name and feel yourself growing lighter and lighter.

Reach out to your inner being and find God and  Goddess deep inside waiting for you  to come.

Watch your spirit unfold and notice you can develop greatly in meditation.

Bathe in the eternal light of the Mother.

You are free, you are free.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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