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The Path of Kundalini


The path of kundalini progresses from the unknown to the known.
The follower of the path of kundalini and faith folds his hands in pranam and prays to the Mother to allow him the courage to fight the ego, and to go on the path of kundalini with courage and fortitude.

One of the biggest fears is the fear of death; therefore, the Beloved speaks of death as our close, divine friend.
To hear your Beloved speak so intimately of the way of death is to learn, and to learn is to lead yourself out of the blackness of fear.

Once you begin to feel the awakening of Kundalini within, the heat of Mother rises up the spine and all of your chakras turn; you then realize that you are waking up into a new and victorious life.
The body, which is seen as the temple of God and Goddess, is recognized as the instrument that can bring you into Liberation of the body, mind and soul.

This frees you into feeling you are one with the One.
It truly is quite simple – if you are not afraid of being simple.
It was Ramakrishna who said, “If you are not simple, you will not recognize God the simple one.”
How true these words are!

Death is simple, as simple as you make it.
Learning about Death is like learning about life – and then you enjoy life and death, and then death again, and so on.
Then each moment suddenly becomes a stepping stone to a healthy, happy life at the Feet of the Beloved.

In all my years of teaching I have never seen my students as happy as when they stop judging themselves, and they begin to see their Oneness in the eyes of their Beloved.

When you begin to feel love deep in your chest, you understand how ecstasy can leave you filled with courage.
You keep trying, you keep meditating, you keep serving and this is the way to your Beloved – and you know that it is through the heart.

The spiritual heart is surrounded by every path.
There is a spiritual guide on each side of every path, and this is why at times you may feel a presence you cannot identify at first.
We all have spiritual guides sometimes; this is called ‘dual intuition.’

When learning of death, you learn of life; and this is why there are two spiritual guides -one to show you the different sides of life, which is really death in many stages.

You have to know deep in your heart how much your Beloved loves you.
I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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