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The Oneness


In meditation, when you enter the Formless (or close to it) time is no longer aligned.
It is a circle that is all around you, yet it does not touch you – for you do not exist.
You can feel the flames of time always waiting for rebirth; yet soon the self that you are familiar with begins to disappear into the Great Light of the Formless.

All of the ‘former you’ and ‘future you’ is in the one embrace of the Oneness.
You glow in this Oneness.
From where your Beloved sits, you become the fire of our great Universe.
When you enter the Universe once again, your perception is greater than before and your intuition is on fire.
As I take you towards your earthly body, the image of the Great Light is still in your head as you carry it back to the top of the head.

It is one of the most beautiful moments for your Beloved as well as for you.
It will affect everything in your life positively; and the more you enter the Formless, the easier it is to be in your heart.
You almost cannot partake in your ego’s doings.
You are able to wipe away the tears of your heart.
The world of the past is gone, and all of creation is new in the now.
How wonderful is this!

The world of the past is gone and all of creation is new in the now.
The beauty of the world addresses you and shows you its radiance as it shines through the human heart.
The calling of your heart is the calling of the Universal Mother for Her child.
Her beauty gladdens the heart.
Her beauty is woven in the great heart of life.
Abusing power is not the Mother’s way.
Loving and compassion is the way of the Mother’s heart.
There are so many ways your life becomes different once you have sat with your Beloved.
I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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