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The Nature of the Self


When the yogi realizes the real nature of the self, she or he becomes untouched by worldly desires.
Knowing one’s Self does not mean that one must give up things of the world.
Indeed it is the opposite: whatever you ask of the Universe is given.
You just have to be open to it.
You simply lose the attachment to worldly objects.

We were born to know the self.
By turning the mind to the heart, you can feel the blessings of the sun or the warmth that is always provided for us.
By learning to escort your thoughts back to your breath, you will be taken deeper.
As the sun illuminates all the universe and across the world, so is the Universal Mother’s love always unconditionally in your mind, body, and heart.

You are all capable of living at a higher level at this point, yet knowing that no one is higher than another.
This love that spreads out through out the world becomes the strength of this teaching,

She who is the cause of all things to live and who enables all things to function according to  their nature and their ability  to ripen with joy will be felt in the deep place of the heart.

And She is Mother Laxmi.
The Mother of the Soul.
You can to experience Her every moment of every day.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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