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The Mystical Breath


Each moment is filled with a mystical prana.
It takes you beyond the breath to a deep silence.

This brings a better use of each second of your life.
Even as you read these words, the very air you breathe becomes quite subtle.
Then every cell of your body becomes nourished.
After years of tiring, your body seems to stop – and a new feeling of being alive bursts forth.
As you practice quietly sitting and feeling your breath, you begin to gain ground on your ego mind.
You can get past the ego thoughts by repeating to yourself, “It is just a thought.”
A path to the glorious expansion of the Self opens within the heart.
Beyond the multiplicities of the world is the welcome gaze of the Mother.
Listen well when you sit.
Hear your own wisdom voice coming alive.
Allow your intuition to flourish.

Be open to the help of the Universe.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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