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The Mother’s Love


I ask the Mother to bring us all the strength to continue to serve in the name of our Beloved for many years to come.
The life we live is truly a life of service and joy.

When I think of the sense of the sweet grace that we all have because the Christ has risen, I can feel His blessed eyes enter my heart. We are all religions, and yet we are none whatsoever. All we know is that we love, and then we love more. I throw myself in love’s delicious fire, and I send to all of you sparks of this love.

We all are triumphant in our love for our Beloved.

I live in the Christ, I live in my Guru’s love, and I live for love. As we all do. I am a Jewish Hindu who loves Christ and every other God and Goddess. I look toward the heavens this moment and behold the sweetness of diversity in its prime.

Mother Earth, dressed for all of us in different hues of green, holds out Her arms – and we gladly enter them, knowing we are well protected and well loved.

And so I wish you all a happy Easter, a wonderful Passover, a joyous Hanuman Jayanti, and every holiday in the world and beyond.
It is all in the hands of the Mother.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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