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The Mother’s Light


Your Beloved gives you insight into the way of the Universe and the laws of the Universe.
It includes all religions, and no religion at all.
The flow of subtle energy is always moving inside of you.
You need to be aware to feel it anytime you want.
Discovering that you are never alone and that the Universe is with you at all times brings peace amongst the chaos.
Like the great Mother who always checks on Her children, know that you are Her child.
There are no boundaries to the Mother’s love. nor does it have limits.
The expression of the Mother Form is filled with unconditional love.
The intensity of the Mother’s pure light is the internal dimension of all matter.
At times it is hidden, begging to be found by your awareness.
Let your eyes open wide into the day or night of your life and see the Great Mother’s Light.
She opens you like a rosebud, and you can feel the touch of Her always by being aware.

This night, when you lay down to sleep, feel the fluttering of angels’
wings protecting you.
The Mother swallows the darkness and brings you light, even in the night.
And when morning comes, know that She says, ” I am there with you always.”
Once you know this, life becomes an adventure of excitement and bliss.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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