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The Mother


So many have written to me about these prayers and how they have been helped.

Through contemplation you can get to know your soul like never before.

You can begin to understand the texture of your Prana and its relationship with the Soul.

The Soul is always alive.

You can sit still and learn to quiet the mind; you will be able to feel the caress of the Soul.

It is as if the Prana is getting its energy from the Universal Soul.

You can feel the Prana and the tempo or rhythm of it.

When you get angry, you can feel the breath stopping and then starting, becoming more and more erratic

Begin to count the breath as it comes in and out: breathing in one, breathing out one.

Breathing in two, breathing out two – and so on and so forth.

Only this time, feel yourself flowing deeper and deeper inward.

When you get angry, know that you need to refrain from any physical acts that may harm other beings.

The Mother is the creator, the sustainer and the destroyer.

She is the indweller of all hearts,

She is the silent witness that sees all.

The Mother is one without a second.

There is nothing more than the Mother.

When you find this out due to meditation, everything becomes expanded.

Deep within the human heart there is a perception of the mystical Mother.

This perception assumes the form of faith and prayer.

When the mind is quiet, one slips right into prayer.

I write these words so you can understand the conception of the Mother and all Her forms.

She exists to help you return from whence you have come.

She helps you to understand your own Soul; therefore, you cannot deny to yourself the existence of your essential nature.

Your essential nature comes from your going deeper than the mind.

You ignore the chaos in your life.

She takes you into the cosmos, and you begin to feel the wonder of spirituality.

The Mother is the Supreme Joy of your heart.

It is during separation from the Mother, or at least understanding that the ego encourages separation, that depression is born.

By meditating on the Mother, you begin to feel the Mother’s arms around you.

Awake, unlock the gates of the heart, and let the soul be known.

I love you with all my heart.


Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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