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The Mother of Intuition


There is always a divine guidance inside of you.
It is the Mother of Intuition.
Merely wishing for intuition is not going to work.
You have to trust the wisdom that created you.
Surrender to your own intuition.
Trust in the miracle that you already are.
The Mother speaks through you.

When you have mastered the art of serving others, you begin to master yourself.
Know that inside of you are the Blessings of the Mother.
You only have to bring them to the surface.

Duality is not your friend; the ego brings you hesitation when you begin to know that you are loved by the Mother.
The mystic knows that he or she is the Mother’s wish.
This is the dance of the mystic.

Sometimes you feel tremendous confusion; then suddenly, when you realize that there is no separation between you and the Mother, you begin to understand.
In this way you find your own strength.
Any name of any of Her many forms is a mantra unto itself.
By saying Her name, you begin to go deeper.
This is the Law of the Universe.
Though for each of us it is different, the deep love of the Mother for Her child is always the same.

You know in your heart that there is a consciousness in a different reality other than this world.
And yet there is no separation.
When you begin to know how much you are loved, it is like butterflies in your heart that feels like bliss.
Go into meditation, and all of a sudden it is there -this wholeness that is you.
The outer world is just a reflection of your consciousness.
When you wake up in a happy mood, everything around you looks good.
When you wake up with any negative thoughts you went to sleep with, the world looks dark.

If you can remember that the Mother absorbs all of your negativity, you can begin to feel free.
She knows of your existence.
She also knows we all live in Her net of love.
You can feel Her presence if you look into your stillness.
She is our Beloved, and She has the quality of infinite tenderness.
She is the raging wind to the ego mind and the calm sunset to our peaceful heart.
She is the sweetness of our lives, the intimate Beloved of our hearts.
It is like floating in the sea after a shipwreck, and the Mother is the current that takes you to Her shores and loves you deeply.
I love you with all my heart.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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